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The 2nd International Conference for Alternative Finance Research is a dedicated forum for alternative finance researchers and practitioners from all around the globe. It covers themes addressing crowdfunding, digital fundraising and lending, microfinance and prosocial lending, invoice trading, crypto assets and currencies, etc.


The conference serves as a cross-disciplinary meeting place for scholars of information systems, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing under one roof to exchange ideas and help develop the field both theoretically and practically, while engaging in close dialog with industry stakeholders and policy makers.

The 2023 event is organized as a collaboration between the University of Agder's School of Business and Law and the Utrecht University European Center of Alternative Finance, and is hosted by the University of Gdansk faculty of Economics

Important Dates:

Paper submission deadline: 01.03.2023

Author notification: by 02.04.2023

Early-bird registration: until 15.04.2023

Paper presentation delivery: 29.05.2023

Keynote Speakers: 

Panel Discussions and Participants: (to be continuously announced)

roy mersland.jpg

Prof. Roy Mersland

Center for Research on Social Enterprises and Microfinance

University of Agder, Norway

Bryan Zheng Zhang.jfif

Dr. Bryan Zheng Zhang

Center for Alternative Finance

Cambridge University, UK

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Piotr Majewski.jpeg

Piotr Majewski

CEO, Findfunds, Poland

Karsten wenzlaff.gif

Karsten Wenzlaff

German Crowdfunding Association, Germany

Lucia Scopelliti.jpg

Dr. Lucia Scoplliti

Director of Labor and Training

Milan Municipality, Italy

Andrea Milecova.jpg

Andrea Milecová

Czech and Slovak Crowdfunding Association

Marcel Rowiński.jfif

Marcel Rowiński

CEO, Crowdway, Poland

Aleksandra Ossowska.jpeg

Aleksandra Ossowska

Managing Partner, FinLegalTech, Poland

Michael Eis.jpeg

Michael Eis

Chairman, Danish Crowdfunding Association, Denmark


Dr. Mina Fanea Ivanovici 

Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

Artur_Trzebinski_(2021.09.22)_HI-RES-_S7_9670 (2).jpg

Dr. Artur A. Trzebiński

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Poland


Ronald Kleverlaan

Chairman, Alternative Finance Association, Netherlands


Prof. Rotem Shneor

School of Business and Law, University of Agder, Norway


Dr. Anna Fornalska

IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria


Ahmad Piraiee

CMO, Cobin ECF, Poland

01.06.2023 - Panel 1:

Crowdfunding in Central and Eastern Europe: Opportunities and Challenges


02.06.2023 - Panel 2:

Civic Crowdfunding and Community Financing Applications: From Grassroots to Public Institutions

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