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Palgrave MacMillan


Advances in Crowdfunding: Research and Practice

The book represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of knowledge on the state of crowdfunding research and practice from multiple perspectives. It equips readers with deep understanding on the different models of crowdfunding and their different manifestations in a variety of geographies, while accommodating for economic, historical, regulatory and ethical considerations.

The book balances presentations of conceptual, theoretical, empirical and factual works as collected from a wide list of influential researchers in the area. In addition, it presents new themes not covered in earlier publications such as issues of sustainability, community, platform operations, education, and ethics. Finally, the book is authored by experts from a variety of backgrounds including those working closely with academic, industry, user and government circles addressing all aspects related to crowdfunding.

Available freely here:

Shneor, R., Zhao, L., and Flåten, B.-T. (Forthcoming/2020). Advances in Crowdfunding: Research and Practice. Cham: Palgrave MacMillan.

Chapter 1

Introduction: From Fundamentals to Advances in Crowdfunding Research and Practice

Shneor, Rotem; Zhao, Liang; and Flåten, Bjørn-Tore




Chapter 2

Crowdfunding Models, Strategies, and Choices Between Them

Shneor, Rotem


Chapter 3

The Global Status of the Crowdfunding Industry

Ziegler, Tania; Shneor, Rotem; and Zhang, Bryan Zheng


Chapter 4

Lending Crowdfunding Principles and Market Development

Ziegler, Tania and Shneor, Rotem


Chapter 5

Equity Crowdfunding Principles and Investor Behaviour

Lukkarinen, Anna


Chapter 6

Reward-based Crowdfunding Research and Practice

Zhao, Liang and Ryu, Sunghan


Chapter 7

Donation Crowdfunding-Principles and Donor Behaviour

Zhao, Liang and Shneor, Rotem


Chapter 8

Ethical Considerations in Crowdfunding

Shneor, Rotem and Torjesen, Stina


Chapter 9

Legal Institutions, Social Capital, and Financial Crowdfunding: A Multilevel Perspective

Wanxiang Cai; Friedemann Polzin; and Erik Stam





Chapter 10

History of Crowdfunding in the Context of Ever-Changing Modern Financial Markets

Kallio, Aki Sakari and Vuola, Lasse


Chapter 11

The Fintech Industry: Crowdfunding in Context

Griffiths, Paul





Chapter 12

Crowdfunding in China Turmoil of Global Leadership

Zhao, Liang and Li, Yuanqing


Chapter 13

Crowdfunding Prospects in New Emerging Markets: The Cases of India and Bangladesh

Suresh, Krishnamurthy; yna, Stine; and Munim, Ziaul Haque


Chapter 14

Crowdfunding in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

Chao, Emmanuel James; Serwaah, Priscilla; Baah-Peprah, Prince; and Shneor, Rotem


Chapter 15

The Israeli Crowdfunding A Reflection of its Entrepreneurial Culture

Efrat, Kalanit; Gilboa, Shaked; and Berliner, Daniel


Chapter 16

Crowdfunding in Europe: Between Fragmentation and Harmonisation

Wenzlaff, Karsten; Odorovic Ana; Ziegler, Tania; and Shneor, Rotem





Chapter 17

Crowdfunding Sustainability

Maehle, Natalia; Otte, Pia Piroschka; and Drozdova, Natalia


Chapter 18

Crowdfunding in the Cultural Industries

Rykkja, Anders; Maehle, Natalia; Munim, Ziaul Haque; and Shneor, Rotem


Chapter 19

Civic Crowdfunding Four perspectives on the definition of civic crowdfunding

Wenzlaff, Karsten





Chapter 20

Crowdfunding Education: Objectives, Content, Pedagogy, and Assessment

Shneor, Rotem and Flåten, Bjørn-Tore


Chapter 21

The Future of Crowdfunding Research and Practice

Shneor, Rotem; Flåten, Bjørn-Tore; and Zhao, Liang

Published Book Chapters

Book Chap11.jpg

Entrepreneurial Challenges in the 21st Century


Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Development and Growth through Online Communities, Collaboration and Value Creating and Co-creating Activities

The Web 2.0 era brought with it a proliferation in applications providing ample opportunities for online exchanges, sharing and collaboration among Internet users. Much of these exchanges take place within online communities. The purpose of the current chapter is to review some of the core manifestations of value creating activities in the new network economy, in particular with respect to their potential influences on entrepreneurial firms. Acknowledging the unique circumstances under which entrepreneurs operate, the current chapter suggests a framework highlighting ways in which entrepreneurs can tap into resources that are available through online communities. In particular the framework addresses online community-enabled product development (including crowdsourcing), marketing (including brand communities and online word-of-mouth) and financing (including crowdfunding) activities with respect to the three core attributes of entrepreneurial processes – opportunity recognition, marshaling of resources and capacity development.

For a copy please contact Dr. Rotem Shneor. Limited access download available HERE

Shneor, R. & Flåten, B.-T. (2015). Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Development and Growth through Online Communities, Collaboration, and Value Creating and Co-Creating Activities. In: Kaufmann, H. R. & Shams, S. M. R. (eds.) Entrepreneurial challenges in the 21st century. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

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