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Concluded Projects


Nordic Innovation

High Growth Entrepreneurship Program

Grant: ENT13508


Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance Project


The Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance was a partnership of key players in the Nordic crowdfunding scene dedicated to develop an ever more crowdfunding-friendly Nordic region, while empowering and facilitating entrepreneurial growth in the region.

The alliance was managed centrally by the University of Agder's School of Business and Law during the project period, and was founded in collaboration with five original platforms: Bidra from Norway (originally Foend), Booomerang from Denmark, Karolina Fund from Iceland, Mesenaatti and Invesdor from Finland. Later joined by SparkUp and Sponsor from Norway.

Throughout the project period, the alliance has held multiple outreach events in all member countries, held rotating meetings every six months, and monthly virtual meetings. Meetings were held for pooling knowledge, experience and resources for solving problems and addressing issues that emerge in the market.

Issues addressed including growth strategies, ethical practices and codes, government lobbying, business model development, and traffic generation towards Nordic scale campaigns on member platforms.

In addition, the alliance has been active in research work that continues to result in new publications well after the project was concluded.

In the media:, "Dr. Rotem Shneor, Head of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, Professor at University of Agder’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Aligns Innovators and Interrupters "/ By Erin Hobey. 19.12.2014, "Cross-Border Crowdfunding The Nordic Way" / Trevor Clawson.  21.04.2014

SAS Scandinavian Traveler, "FOLKEFINANSIERING TAR AV" / J. H. Ewing. 20.05.2017


Kulturrådet/ Art Council Norway

Digital kultur, estetiske praksiser

Grant: 19/2206-6


The Adoption and Impact of Crowdfunding on Norwegian Artists


The project addresses critical questions about crowdfunding in the cultural sector, which have been largely unexplored in earlier scientific work despite its growing importance. Its objectives include analyzing the determinants of crowdfunding adoption by artists; analyzing crowdfunding’s short- and long-term effects on artists’ economy, reputation and aesthetic practices.

The study will be conducted by a cross-disciplinary team of four researchers from the following Norwegian research institutions: University of Agder's School of Business and LawWestern Norway University of Applied SciencesUniversity of South-Eastern Norway, and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.


Each researcher has expertise in complementary fields including crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, marketing, arts management, digitization of cultural industries, and research methods. This team will overtake a primarily quantitative analysis of survey data. This will be complemented by a qualitative analysis of feedback collected from selected informants that will be invited to a stakeholder seminar (including artists, cultural authorities, platform representatives, Norwegian and international experts) where survey findings will be presented and discussed.

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