Industry Events

We are dedicated to close cooperation and ongoing dialogues with industry players and stakeholders. Our research depends on cooperation with such organizations, and must also be relevant for them. Accordingly, we take pride in our investment in practice-oriented research, close contact with practitioners, collaboration with industry stakeholders, support in arranging university-industry events, as well as in active membership in industry organization as a key support player.

Below are examples of industry events, where we have held talks contributing to public debate and awareness. In some cases, we have also partnered with industry players to arrange and hosts such events.

Industry Events 

2nd International FinTech, InsurTech & Blockchain Forum - Zurich, Switzerland - 05.11.2019

Innofinance Summit - Erfurt, Germany -26.03.2019


Norwegian Crowdfunding Association Event - Oslo, Norway - 07.02.2019

Crowd Dialog Conference - Vienna, Austria - 18.10.2018

Arendalsuka Debat: "Crowdfunding in Norway - How to catch up and take lead? - Arendal, Norway - 13.08.2018

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Annual Conference - Cambridge, UK - 29.06.2018

Norwegian Crowdfunding Association Meeting - Oslo, Norway - 02.11.2017

European Crowdfunding Network Meeting - Vilnius, Lithuania - 19.10.2017

Nordic Crowdfunding Event - Helsinki, Finland - 17.03.2017

Norwegian Crowdfunding Event - Bergen, Norway - 16.11.2016

European Crowdfunding Network Meeting - Paris, France - 03.11.2016

Crowd Dialog Conference - Graz, Austria - 08.09.2016

Norwegian Crowdfunding Event - Oslo, Norway - 02.02.2016

Nordic Crowdfunding Event - Reykjavik, Iceland - 10.09.2015

Digitalkonferansen - Kristiansand, Norway - 18.03.2015

Norwegian Crowdfunding Event - 06.02.2015

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