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The European Crowdfunding Market Survey


Our mission is to provide the best up-to-date quality European Crowdfunding industry insights, facts and figures, in service of all stakeholders intersted in the European Crowdfunding Market.

What do we do?

We prepare a comprehensive crowdunding market report presenting data at country and crowdfunding model type levels and make it available for free.


This is done based on data collected from all crowdfunding platforms operating in Europe  under multiple models including (but not limited to): equity crowdfunding, P2P lending, reward crowdfunding, donation crowdfunding, patronage, etc.

Data is collected via:

  1. Web survey available in multiple languages here

  2. Setting an online interview session going through the survey with members of our project team.

Survey questions coverfacts and opinions about

1. Platforms modes, scope, and scale of operations.

2. Fundraiser/Backer/Borrower profiles.

3. Backer/investor/lender profiles.

4. Legal aspects and compliance.

5. Technical development and services.


Time required:

Most platforms have key facts quickly available, others may require more time to check them.

We expect surveys to last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on each platform's internal data collection practices.

It is also possible to fill the survey in several sessions returning to the same link.

Why should you do this again?

For the time you invest, you will receive reliable market information, facts and figures that will take you much longer to compile on your own for free.


What are the timelines?


May 3rd, 2023 - the survey will open.

June 10th, 2023 - the survey will close.

This is a hard deadline so that we can produce a great report for you by the end of 2023 (including analysis, write-up, and graphic work).


How do we handle data?

  • All data received from platforms is safely secured under password protected system accessible to selected team members only.

  • All platform level information received will NOT be published, sold, or otherwise shared in any way or form with any entity.

  • All reporting of findings will be done at country and fundraising model aggregate levels.

  • No reporting will be done at the platform level.

  • A platform that wishes to withdraw its entries can do so at any time in writing.


Who is behind this survey?


The Crowdfunding Research Centre at the University of Agder’s School of Business and Law serves as project leader and oversees data collection and analysis.


This is done in technical collaboration with Crowdspace, an online catalog of crowdfunding platforms, and LenderKit, a crowdfunding software, assisting with data collection and visualization.


Data collection is done in collaboration with national industry associations including: Bulgarian FinTech Association (Bulgaria)Bundesverband Crowdfunding eV (Germany), Czech and Slovak Crowdfunding Association (Czech Republic and Slovakia), Dansk Crowdfunding Forening (Denmark), Financement Participatif France (France), Latvian FinTech Association (Latvia),  Norsk Crowdfunding Forening (Norway),  Stichting MKB Financiering (Netherlands),  Romanian FinTech Association (Romania), and the UK Crowdfunding Association (UK). 


For further information please contact:  eu-cf-survey (at)


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