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We are delighted to supervise master's students interested to write their Master Thesis on issues related to crowdfunding. Below are some of the master theses written by students at the University of Agder's School of Business and Law under our supervision.

Interested to write your master thesis under our supervision?

1. Please review the profiles of our researchers and their interests.

2. Contact the one with similar interests to yours. 

3. Schedule a meeting for calibrating expectations.

4. Sign the supervision agreement and start working on your thesis under our supervision.


Heggland, Håvard and Nadav, Omri (2019), "Fintech firms and incumbent banks: competition or collaboration?".

Frivold, Skotte Roar and Aakre, Juvik Heidi (2019) "Localization of crowdfunding platforms: The influencing role of culture, institutions and geography".


Johansen, Edvin Thorvildsen and Kaalstad, Chris (2018) "Crowdfunding: What influences success of reward-based crowdfunding campaigns?"

Giri, Ashim and Adhikari, Sushil (2018) "What influences contribution behavior in Crowdfunding?"


Harboe, Mia Charlotte (2017) "Perceptions of crowdfunding campaigns and performance: An empirical analysis"


Hufner. Antje (2016) "Motivations for financial backing of reward crowdfunding campaigns based on data from Germany and Norway - A multiple case study"


Drabløs, Christian (2015) "What influences crowdfunding campaign success?"

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