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Kulturrådet/ Art Council Norway

Digital kultur, estetiske praksiser

Grant: 19/2206-6


The Adoption and Impact of Crowdfunding on Norwegian Artists


The project addresses critical questions about crowdfunding in the cultural sector, which have been largely unexplored in earlier scientific work despite its growing importance. Its objectives include analyzing the determinants of crowdfunding adoption by artists; analyzing crowdfunding’s short- and long-term effects on artists’ economy, reputation and aesthetic practices.

The study will be conducted by a cross-disciplinary team of four researchers from the following Norwegian research institutions: University of Agder's School of Business and LawWestern Norway University of Applied SciencesUniversity of South-Eastern Norway, and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.


Each researcher has expertise in complementary fields including crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, marketing, arts management, digitization of cultural industries, and research methods. This team will overtake a primarily quantitative analysis of survey data. This will be complemented by a qualitative analysis of feedback collected from selected informants that will be invited to a stakeholder seminar (including artists, cultural authorities, platform representatives, Norwegian and international experts) where survey findings will be presented and discussed.

Center Projects

Investigations of Entrepreneurial Financing Success Through Elaboration Likelihood Model: The Case of Reward-based Crowdfunding


Lead: Dr. Liang Zhao

Based on the elaboration likelihood model (ELM), this study attempts to offer novel insights on understanding reward-based crowdfunding success through the consumer perspective. Through which we would like to find out the impacts of central route persuasion and the peripheral route persuasion on reward-based crowdfunding campaign results.

Impression Matters? The Role of Entrepreneurs’ Impression Management on Crowdfunding Campaign Outcomes


Lead: Dr. Liang Zhao

This paper explores the relationship between entrepreneurs’ impression management (IM) and entrepreneurial resource acquisition in a reward-based crowdfunding context through investigating the impacts of entrepreneurs’ IM tactics and the strength of the IM tactics on crowdfunding outcomes.

Success Factors in Reward Crowdfunding Campaigns from Small Open Economies: An Analysis of Icelandic and Finnish Platform Data


Lead: Dr. Rotem Shneor

The study aims to study success drivers of reward crowdfunding campaigns from national platforms of small open economies including Finland and Iceland. Data includes both platform data, as well as primary data collected through rater evaluations of various facets of campaign quality and cues. 

Cross Cultural Study of Success Factors in Reward Crowdfunding Campaigns: A Comparison of Chinese, Finnish and Polish Platforms


Lead: Dr. Rotem Shneor

The study aims to study to what extent do success drivers of reward crowdfunding campaigns are different or similar in national platforms operating in differing cultural contexts along the Social Trust and Individualism continuum. 

Cross Country Analysis of Reward Crowdfunding Platform Users in Finland and China

Lead: Dr. Rotem Shneor

The study reveals the application of the Theory of Planned Behavior in High and Low context societies, as reflected in data collected from users of reward crowdfunding platforms in China and Finland.

Impacts of Crowdfunding Education

Lead: Dr. Rotem Shneor

The study examines the effects of participating in a crowdfunding-dedicated educational program and short and long-term likelihood of engagement in crowdfunding in terms of own fundraising efforts, supporting others' campaigns, and encouraging others to use crowdfunding. In addition, we also explore how such an educational experience may change students' attitudes, self-efficacy, social norms perceptions, as well as intentions to engage in crowdfunding behavior.

Comparative Analysis of Planned Behavior in Chinese Donation and Reward Crowdfunding Platforms

Lead: Dr. Rotem Shneor

The study examines the application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to explain crowdfunding intentionality and behavior among users of donation versus reward crowdfunding platforms in China.

What Drivers Crowdfunding-Friendliness of Nations?

Lead: Dr. Rotem Shneor

Study examining macro-level data while building on institutional theory for explaining what makes some countries more crowdfunding friendly than others. Here, the purpose is to surface macro-level conditions more conducive to crowdfunding market development, as well as identifying inhibitors to such development in a context of national entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Are Crowdfunding Platforms Serving as Online Communities?

Lead: Dr. Rotem Shneor

The study aims to capture user sentiments about the extent to which the view crowdfunding platforms as online communities, highlighting the extent to which they do and don't, while suggesting ways in which such alliance of purposes may meet and diverge.

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