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The Center for Crowdfunding Research at the University of Agder’s School of Business and Law is recognized as one of the leading centers for crowdfunding research and practice in Europe. The center is led by a team of passionate researchers standing at the forefront of alternative finance research, while being actively engaged in raising awareness, education and public debate.

Our research covers cognitive and psychological aspects of crowdfunding investment and non-investment behavior; gender aspects in investor and fundraising behavior; macro-level indicators of national crowdfunding market development and friendliness, crowdfunding marketing strategies, and predictors of crowdfunding campaign success. Such research spans across both investment and non-investment models and platforms, as well as carried out in a variety of national and cultural contexts.

In addition to our research work, we have launched a unique educational program on crowdfunding, bringing together students, industry and crowdfunding platforms to solve real life scenarios and cases. The program enhances crowdfunding skills among recent graduates and participating organizations in industries where such competencies are needed for project development and execution.

Finally, our team is engaged in a variety of outreach activities. These include international training and educational seminars in multiple countries and institutions; the provision of expert advice to public hearings and debate; and the provision of guidance and support to individuals and organizations considering crowdfunding for their projects in a wide range of industries.



Prof. Rotem Shneor



Center founder specializing in cognitive and psychological aspects of crowdfunding adoption and behavior; drivers of crowdfunding success, as well as macro-level understanding of crowdfunding market development.

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rotem.shneor (at)


Daniel Berliner


Prof. Kalanit Efrat



Senior researcher studying crowdfunding contribution motivations and behavior, and crowdfunding as action for enhancement of human well-being.

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kalanit.efrat (at)


Dr. Prince Baah-Peprah

Assistant Professor

Researcher interested in identifying the marketing strategies used for crowdfunding campaign promotions in different models and contexts.

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prince.baah-peprah (at)

Fenya Zhu.jpg

Fengya Zhu

PhD Research Fellow


Researcher studying the criteria influencing investment decision making in equity crowdfunding of high risk, early stage technological ventures.

PhD Research Fellow


Researcher interested in analyzing crowdlending behavior, default prediction, and platform survival.

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daniel.berliner (at)

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fengya.zhu (at)

Our Graduates


Dr. Priscilla Serwaah

Researcher interested in gender perspectives in equity crowdfunding behavior in general and with respect to female entrepreneurs and investors in particular

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pserwaah (at)


Anders Rykkja.jpg

Dr. Anders Rykkja


Assistant Professor, Queen's University, UK


Researcher interested in  crowdfunding as an innovative business model in the cultural and creative sector.

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anders.rykkja (at)

Nadia Arshad.jpg

Dr. Nadia Arshad

Jönköping International Business School, Sweden


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Nadia.Arshad (at)


Dr. Amila Buddhika Sirisena

University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka


Lecturer of Marketing at University of Ruhuna.

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amila (at)


Dr. Liang Zhao

Leicester University


Lecturer in Marketing Strategy.

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lz218 (at)

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