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Conference proceedings

Proceedings of conferences organized by the University of Agder's Crowdfunding Research Center are freely available here.

Note the 2022 version of our annual conference was named the "International Conference on Crowdfunding Research. From 2023 the conference will be named the "International Conference on Alternative Finance Research".

Proceedings 2022.png

Berliner, D. & Shneor, R. (2022, December 2). Proceedings of the International Conference on Crowdfunding Research. The International Conference on Crowdfunding Research, Oslo,Norway.

International Conference on Crowdfunding Reseaerch 2023 Proceedings.png

Adamska-Mieruszewska, J., Mrzygłód, U., & Shneor, R. (2023, June 2). Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Alternative Finance Research. The 2nd International Conference on Alternative Finance Research (ICAFR), Gdansk, Poland.

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