Crowdfunding Lab / ORG 457


We are happy to offer UiA's School of Business and Law master's students a unique opportunity to be familiarized with the FinTech revolution and the emergence of alternative finance.

Goal:  to acquaint students with fundamentals of crowdfunding, with a specific focus on understanding crowdfunding models, markets, as well as development of skills for campaign planning and development.


The course offers a first-hand experience, where students can work with real companies on developing their crowdfunding campaign, while being introduced to theory and a helpful tool kit for this purpose. Moreover, they will meet industry leaders and international experts brought in especially for this purpose.


The course is organized in cooperation with real companies, and includes cases under review or being supported by Innovation Norway Agder.

The course guides the students from a general understanding of the crowdfunding phenomenon, its manifestations, and contextual conditions towards developing skills of planning and preparing an actual crowdfunding campaign for specific causes. The course balances an application of digital marketing, e-business and entrepreneurship models into crowdfunding practice, with an introduction to new frameworks and models unique to the crowdfunding context.


What will you gain?

  • Familiarity with crowdfunding principles, types and models, and discuss the differences between them.

  • Understanding for the role of context – industry, national and international issues – in crowdfunding practice and patterns.

  • Familiarity with key actors in crowdfunding markets, including platforms’ types, functionalities, and business models.

  • Skills in crowdfunding campaign planning, components and process development.

  • Skills in crowdfunding campaign budget and financial planning.

  • Skills in crowdfunding campaign marketing and promotions planning.

  • Understanding of success and failure factors in crowdfunding practice.

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In the media:, "UiA: Norwegian University Launches Master’s Elective Crowdfunding Lab Course "/ By J. D. Alois. 08.10.2018 


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