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Support for Fundraisers/ Campaign Creators

Free Consultation for Prospective Fundraisers

If you are considering crowdfunding as a channel to raise funding for your project and need advice on how to go about it. We offer some free consultation hours to startups, social activists, artists and others who need such advice.​

Business Meeting

Work with Students on Preparing your Crowdfunding Campaign

Every year we offer a number of organizations the opportunity to work with our Master's students on their crowdfunding campaign, as part of our course - Crowdfunding Lab.

During the course, the students will develop a crowdfunding campaign based on what they learn, and will deliver it to the organization with a report and guide at the end of the course. The organization can then decide whether they wish to go live with the campaign or not.

Please note we are only able to offer this to a limited number of organizations, and it is best to reserve your place early.

The course is available every Fall Semester Aug-Oct.

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