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Calls for Collaboration

We believe that some of the best research comes out of collaborative efforts and successful combinations of complementary skills. Accordingly, we welcome collaborations with stakeholders. Some ways in which we may collaborate are specified below.

Replication Studies

We are already involved in a number of research projects, which we would like to expand by incorporating similar data to be collected in new contexts.

Please review the current projects listed under current projects, and/or current PhD projects, and contact the relevant project lead for coordination.

Here, the idea is that by helping us to collect similar data in new contexts, we can jointly co-author papers using data collected by all partners in a number of comparative studies that can emerge from such effort.

Keep in mind we already have a set of surveys and instruments that have been validated, and can be translated and used in new contexts.

Visiting Scholars

If you would like to visit us and collaborate around concrete papers/research projects you are writing, we would be happy to host you for a defined period.

Please note that all costs related to such scholarly visits (such as - travel, accommodation, visa, insurance and subsistence) will be completely funded by the interested visiting scholar,

We will share with you our time and expertise, and will provide you with office space, Internet and database access, as well as access to our educational and research activities and meetings.

Candidates interested in such visiting scholar opportunities should contact us with a concrete research proposal/agenda for the period intended to stay with us as a visiting scholars.

Common visit periods: 15-60 days. Longer periods may require special permissions.

Consortia Invitations

If you wish us to consider you as potential consortia member in research project funding applications we are making, please contact Dr. Rotem Shneor at rotem.shneor (at), and send your CV and a summary of relevant capacities and capabilities you may be able to contribute in potential future projects. 

Alternatively, we are delighted to join consortia applying for project funding that are initiated or are under the leadership of other organizations. However, before inviting us, please make sure:

1. The project is relevant to crowdfunding research and/or practice.

2. There is a minimum of 2 months prior to application submission deadline.

3. UiA Center for Crowdfunding Research can take a substantial role in the project (i.e. work package leadership). 

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