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We are working closely with a wide range of research partners including a number of research institutions specifically dedicated to issues related to finance, alternative finance, and crowdfunding.




The CCAF is an international interdisciplinary academic research institute dedicated to the study of alternative finance, which includes financial channels and instruments that emerge outside of the traditional financial system (i.e. regulated banks and capital markets). 


The ECAF is a research centre within Utrecht University. It has a central role in guiding the international research agenda on alternative finance, supporting financial inclusion and access to finance. ECAF is a joint initiative of Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.), CrowdfundingHub and Sustainable Finance Lab.


The Department of Management & Digital Markets is part of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, responsible for teaching and conducting research in the areas of strategy and organizational design. In this work special focus is given to technology and innovation management especially in digital markets.


The Department of International Financial Markets is involved in scientific research and teaching in the areas of finance, international finance, international financial markets, banking, monetary policy, currency risk management. 


The CLEAR project is a research initiative focusing predominantly on the law and practice of crowdfunding. While the research is anchored with Aalborg University, it is an open collaborative environment in which stakeholders from the industry, public authorities, researchers and students join forces. The CLEAR project's mission: "From our outset in legal science we want to understand and inform stakeholders and the public of the law and practice in crowdfunding so they can pursue opportunities, create wealth for the many, increase trust in digital community finance, fight crime, and strike a fair balance between interests involved."




The Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development is a research and competence centre within the field of responsible innovation.


The TNM engages in research and offers a variety of degrees in disciplines including engineering, science, and maritime studies.

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