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We are dedicated to educating about crowdfunding in order to inspire and equip individuals and organizations with sufficient knowledge and tools towards healthy, responsible and prosperous crowdfunding practice. This implies a reflective introduction to both the opportunities and challenges of crowdfunding in practice, as well as introduction to relevant theory and frameworks.  

More specifically, we have launched a unique educational program on crowdfunding, bringing together students, industry fundraisers, and crowdfunding platforms to solve real life scenarios and cases. The program enhances crowdfunding skills among students and participating organizations in industries where such competencies are needed for project development and execution.


7,5 Credits awarding Master -level elective course at the University of Agder's School of Business and Law

Audiovisual Conference
Graduation Handshake

Seminars and workshops held for organizations and during events. Adapted to public needs and proficiency levels.

Supervision of Master Theses and PhD dissertations on issues related to crowdfunding.

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