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The UiA Crowdfunding Research Center serves as a knowledge hub with expertise and experience in most issues related to crowdfunding. We provide support to all stakeholders in understanding of, developing of policy for, and active engagement in crowdfunding practice.

As a publicly supported institution, our assistance is provided for free in most cases. However, our team can be commissioned with more elaborate and complex consultancy and advisory projects as well for specifically negotiated fees.

Key to Success

We provide businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, social activists, public organizations, donation collectors, and sports people advice on when and how to use crowdfunding for financing their initiatives and projects.

Black Chess Pieces

We provide government and public organizations with both training and advice concerning policy formulation for ensuring responsible and value adding industry development.

Plant Presentation

We provide industry organizations and platforms with both training and advice towards responsible and value adding practice, as well as strategic planning for healthy growth management.

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